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Blog Contest

Welcome to buycycle's Blog Contest

As a company founded on a passion for cycling, we want to build a community of cycling enthusiasts across Europe. Already this vision is being realized by the creation of the simplest and safest marketplace for second-hand bikes, however we want to create a space for sharing experiences. Blogs provide a way to share knowledge, inspire and motivate people, whether it is hardcore cyclists or those looking to take up a hobby. Therefore, we want to share people’s stories and experiences on our platform and engage a wider follower base. This contest is open to any size of cycling blog based in Europe, or to anyone who wishes to register their favorite blog. Register here !

Bloggers and blog followers are encouraged to register via this link. Following this, we will collect the entries and contact those nominated by their readers. Each entrant will then receive a link to vote in our contest which they will be able to post on their page.

During a given time, the voting will be open to the public, which will give us the opportunity to see which blog has the biggest engagement with the cycling community.

The 20 blogs which receive the most votes from the public will move onto the second stage of selection. During this phase, the blogs will be assessed according to different criteria, including originality, design, and content.  The 10 highest ranking participants will pass to the final round. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 blogs, as well as for the blog with the best participation of its community.

We look forward to receiving your entries and discovering the exciting content you create and follow!