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Most romantic cycling cities for couples

Most romantic cycling cities for couples
Amsterdam, Netherlands by Julian21 via unsplash

Perfect destinations to discover the city on two wheels with your partner

Love is in the air, and there's no better way to explore it than cycling through a new city with your loved one on Valentine's Day! Whether you're pedaling through ancient streets or coasting along scenic paths, cycling with your partner is a unique romantic experience that enhances your relationship while providing a sense of adventure and excitement. But with so many charming cities worldwide, where should you and your partner cycle to first?

To help you plan your next romantic trip that allows you and your love to discover the charm of the city while cycling together, team buycycle has put together a list of the 150 most romantic cities, analyzed the data for their cycling infrastructures, activities available in the city, and number of cycling routes. In this way, we created a list of cities ideally suited for couples looking for an unforgettable vacation that blends beauty and cyclist-friendly features.

Amsterdam, Netherlands by Julian21 via unsplash

1. Paris, France

  • 48k cycling routes | 8k+ city activities | 83 cycling infrastructure score
La Maison Rose à Paris, Montmartre by Bastien Nvsi via unsplash

Paris, the City of Love, takes the top spot on our list of romantic cycling cities. Whether it’s exploring hidden streets near the Eiffel Tower or experiencing the French Renaissance style of the city, Paris is the place that offers a captivating experience for couples seeking a blend of romance, culture, and cycling adventure. With an impressive cycling infrastructure score of 83, Paris boasts an extensive network of bike paths all around the city with more than 48,000 cycling routes. This makes exploring the Parisian beauty on two wheels not just easy, but a delightful experience for couples. Ranked second for its diverse array of activities, Paris invites couples to pedal beside the river Seine, explore through the charming streets of Montmartre, and cycle in the shade of the Eiffel Tower.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 10k cycling routes | 3k+ city activities | 82 cycling infrastructure score
Amsterdam, Netherlands by Sabina Fratila via unsplash

Amsterdam, known as the Venice of the North, holds the esteemed title of being the second most romantic cycling city for couples. With its quaint bridges and colorful row houses, it merges the scenic beauty, rich history, and cycling-friendly atmosphere. The Netherlands' vibrant capital is not just famous for its cultural heritage but also for its exceptional cycling infrastructure, boasting a score of 82 and having over 10,000 cycling routes, which is heaven for those couples seeking both adventure and romance on their cycling journey. Whether it's a romantic sunset pedal along the Amstel River or a cultural tour through the Museumplein, Amsterdam offers a blend of history, art, and romance, all accessible by bike. The city's 3,000 attractions listed offer endless opportunities for exploration. From the historic Narrow Houses of Damrak to the lively Jordaan neighborhood, there's always something new to discover for those who want to fall in love with the city.

3. Barcelona, Spain

  • 8k cycling routes | 5k+ city activities | 74 cycling infrastructure score
Barcelona, Guell Park by Dorian D1 via unsplash

Up next on our list, with an impressive 5,000+ activities is Barcelona which is an adventurer's dream come true, having a blend of Mediterranean charm and vibrant culture. Having an outstanding cycling infrastructure score of 74, Barcelona invites cyclist couples to indulge themselves through its vibrant streets, explore architectural marvels like the Sagrada Família, or unwind on the sun-kissed beaches. Another impressive factor would be the variety of cycling paths, with 8,000 routes, Barcelona offers numerous paths around the city that provide both, a blend of urban and natural scenery. One thing that should not be overlooked is the mild February temperature which can reach 15°C, making the city an ideal destination for romantic getaways, especially for those couples that love warmer weather. Discovering Barcelona on two wheels is like walking in a museum… imagine cycling through the narrowed streets, pausing to admire Gaudí's architectural masterpieces, and then venturing up to Park Güell for a breathtaking view of the city. Who wouldn’t love it?

4. London, England

  • 49k cycling routes | 9k+ city activities | 37 cycling infrastructure score
London by Yaopey Yong via unsplash

London, which ranks as the fourth most romantic cycling city, offers a unique blend of historic charm and modern vibrancy, making it a dream destination for bike-loving couples. It should not be a surprise that London with its developed cycling infrastructure, is at the top of two main rankings. With an impressive amount of 49,000 cycling routes, mapped across the city, it stands proudly as the top destination which is heaven for cycling enthusiasts. By having over 9,000 activities, including a leisurely ride through the lush landscapes of Hyde Park, cultural journeys past the majestic Buckingham Palace, or a sunset cycle across the iconic Tower Bridge, London promises a beautifully romantic backdrop for every moment spent on two wheels. The digital popularity of the city among cyclists shines with more than 86,000 Instagram posts, showing once again that London is not just about cycling near the London Eye– it's a hub of romance and excitement.

5. Budapest, Hungary

  • 24k cycling routes | 2k+ city activities | 91 cycling infrastructure score
Yellow Tram of Budapest by Arvydas Venckus via unsplash

A well-known city for its beautiful combination of history, culture, and cycling charm, is Budapest which takes fifth place in the most romantic cycling cities ranking. Despite chilly February weather, Budapest has top-rated cycling infrastructure with a score of 91, and over 24,000 routes make it a perfect destination for those seeking safe and well-maintained paths. To discover the real culture of Budapest you need to ride under the majestic Buda Castle or alongside the sparkling Danube, while the city's famous bridges create a stunning view. Ranked fourth for city activities, Budapest offers over 2,000 experiences, ensuring couples have a variety of options for their trip. Enjoy leisurely rides through authentic streets like Andrássy Avenue, relax in open thermal baths, or explore vibrant ruin bars in the Jewish Quarter. With such a diverse range of activities, there's always something thrilling to discover in Budapest with your partner, especially at night, when the city transforms into an illuminated wonderland, seen from Gellert Hill, is perfect for a romantic evening cycle.

Who rounds out the top 10?

6. Vienna, Austria
• 44k cycling routes | 2k+ city activities | 80 cycling infrastructure

7. New York City, USA
• 8k cycling routes | 6k+ city activities | 55 cycling infrastructure

 8. Lisbon, Portugal
• 4k cycling routes | 3k+ city activities | 64 cycling infrastructure

 9. Madrid, Spain
• 5k cycling routes | 3k+ city activities | 59 cycling infrastructure

10. Rome, Italy
• 8k cycling routes | 6k+ city activities | 50 cycling infrastructure


The ranking was created by buycycle, the leading marketplace for high-value, pre-owned bikes, by analyzing 6 data points for over 150 of the most romantic cities in the world. buycycle collected data on cycling infrastructure score, number of activities, number of cycling routes, amount of cycling-related Instagram hashtags, city infrastructure quality, along with temperature consideration (as of January 2023). 

For a city to be considered, it had to have more than 1000 cycling routes ranging from 0 to 100 km in length and with varying elevations between 0 and 1000 meters, as listed on bikemap.com. Additionally, cities had a minimum of 1000 activities requirement, as per tripadvisor., and destinations that were deemed too cold or warm for ideal cycling conditions (below 5°C and above 25°C) were excluded from the ranking. 

All these data points were then combined to reveal which city scored the highest for the best romantic cycling city.